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Top London Life Coach on how to Overcome Fear and Rejection

clients sales self-care May 10, 2021

We are handing over the House of Seductology blog today to our lead consultant Laura Payne-Stanley, who also happens to be a top London life coach.

Laura today is going to be sharing her insights on how to overcome fear and rejection, especially as it relates to sales:

One of my clients, to respect their privacy let’s call her Melissa only, messaged me to say that they had their first in-person 'hater' who was showing up to games.

I told her “woo hoo” because you are not vanilla and not everybody is going to like you or what you do, especially as your continued success means that you will receive even more notoriety.

Vanilla or Marmite

When was the last time that when someone was asked their favourite flavour of ice cream they said Vanilla? Plain old vanilla, with no sprinkles, flake or sauce on top. Never right?

Vanilla doesn’t stand out. 

Yes, it’s hard to hate vanilla, but it’s also hard to love vanilla.

Whereas marmite on toast (or as ice cream; I’ve had it once using the magic of liquid nitrogen), you are either going to love or hate

You don’t tend to be on the fence about it.

Whether you find it good or bad, it's subjective and there is not a right or wrong answer.

The same happens for people.

Some will love you and others will hate you, it’s subject and the essence of duality. Everything in our world exists in pairs. Night and day. Light and dark.

If you want people to love you, then you are also wanting people to hate you. One can not exist without the other.

Life Coach Tribe

Take me for example.

I have clients who adore me. Well, when I say adore, what I mean with my methodology is that they love to hate me. I challenge their stories and ask them questions that burrow into their soul.

I frequently get: "I hate you right now, but I know I needed this. Ultimately thank you."

Then there are also the people who don’t understand the world of coaching, mentoring, consulting and hypnotherapy (and these are all different). In London and the UK, there are very few limits to calling yourself a “coach” and it does mean there are huge differences between elite coaches like myself and 2-day course coaches.

Ultimately you can’t please everyone.

You are not every flavour of ice cream, mixed into one like a magic Willy Wonka recipe.

So let me challenge you: 

Who are your top 10 dream clients?

Write a list down.

Then identify if anyone in your circle might have a connection to them.

If you are feeling brave and not hiding from rejection and seeking it out, post on your social media or blog the names of the 10 people (or industries) and who can help you connect.

Are you feeling brave enough to take up the challenge?



Head Seductress

House of Seductology 

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