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Stop being the best kept secret in your Market

marketing persuasion seductology Mar 03, 2021

Are you frustrated that you are finding that you are the best-kept secret in your industry? Your clients love what you do, but attracting and creating new clients seems such a challenge?

It can be hard for coaches, experts, and other services-based entrepreneurs to want to focus on marketing your business. I get it, you are brilliant at what you do in your industry, but the marketing of your business, knowing what message to share and what platform to use, is just time-consuming for little results.

I often say to the clients here at House of Seductology that it’s the story of the Michelin Chef and the Happy Cheese.

The Michelin star chef is talented and when people taste their food, they are amazed and delighted with pleasing sounds. However, the Michelin star chef opened up a restaurant in the middle of the countryside away from passing traffic. Whilst they are great at what they do, and their repeat customers are very loyal, the restaurant struggles to attract new customers.

However, the Happy Cheese gastropub just 10 miles down the road, serves food that is above average AND they are always super busy. Why? The Happy Cheese knows how to market to its customer base.

So, are you the best-kept Michelin star chef in your story?

A few days ago, someone asked me what if they just don’t know exactly who their target market and how to market to them? They’ve tried countless marketing tactics, paid for consultants to show them what they were doing wrong... only to end up at the same place. The best-kept secret for existing clients.

Here’s the paradox:

You are trying to scale and spend more money on that which isn’t working.

And letting you into a little secret, throwing more money at the problem isn’t the solution.

Plus, secret #2, you are marketing in OLD MARKETING WAYS that are now redundant.

You don’t walk into a bar and ask a person to sleep with you.


There is a game, the act of seduction that happens to gain their attention, intrigue them and then start up a conversation.

Then the beautiful missing ingredient of desire.

What is this person that you are talking to, desiring in a relationship?

This is the powerful information you need to ascertain for your own target market. What desire are they looking to fulfill by purchasing your services or experience?

When you find out this information, it is a game-changer in your business.

Your marketing will explode, and you will come out of the shadows of the best-kept secret in your industry.



Head Seductress

House of Seductology 

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