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How to Build a Commercial Development Tribe

clients sales Jun 16, 2021

In the past, I have spoken about ‘tribes’ and how they can accelerate growth within your business. It’s important to note that there are a huge variety of tribes – a tribe of potential customers (commercial development), a networking tribe, mastermind groups and a non-formal friend group. This covers just some of the types of tribes.

The focal point of this article is on commercial development. A commercial development tribe will boost earnings through members with common interests.

If you’re reading this article, you may well have already built a tribe, or are trying to build one. Below are five steps to think about and put into practice, to assemble your tribe.

Tribe Objective

What are you looking to achieve with this tribe commercially? Increased course bookings? Joining a paid-for form of the tribe? Purchasing a one-off product? Increase bookings for your service?

  1. Tribal Abode

When building a tribe, one of the primary considerations is the interpretation of a tribal abode. This can be best described as the location your tribe will network, communicate, and interact as a tribe. For this, there are many options including Facebook groups, external paid-for sites, fan pages, or even meet-ups in person. A combination of these is also viable.

  1. Determine a Tribal Champion

Defining a tribal champion is the process of ascertaining the characteristics and personality of your ideal tribal member. Demographics, points of pain, buying habits and motivations are all points of consideration when identifying your tribal champion.

  1. Tribal Activities

Now you have determined your tribal champion, you will know the format your tribe prefers when it comes to content, posts, materials, and tasks provided. Using this knowledge, you can create and deliver content that is enjoyable for you and your tribe.

  1. Become Tribe Chief

A tribe needs a chief, and you need to become that chief. Building an authentic tribe that you enjoy providing for is something I truly believe in. If you aim to build or develop your commercial tribe this way – you will need to become the chief. If you don’t, a member of the tribe will emerge as an unofficial chief.

How best to become the awe-inspiring chief that leads your group? For example, if your tribes’ abode is within a Facebook Group, ensure you are the facilitator, and this is known by the tribe.

  1. Construct a Tribe Authentically

A tribe build without authenticity is doomed to fail, as you will not relish in providing content and activities for your tribe. If you construct the tribe through the eye of a member, making the tribe one you would love to be a part of – this will reflect in your content, social media, and marketing.

As you can see from these points – constructing a tribe can be a fantastic experience. As the tribe grows around you, consider further building levels of rapport with your community. This is something I, as an NLP Master Coach, cover frequently with private clients. Using both verbal and non-verbal delivery increases the efficacy of your comms.

Constructing a tribe is a satisfying and effective method to boost earnings. If the tribe is faithful to your personal commercial beliefs, it can have a huge positive impact on your business. This is a strategic process that can take time and forms a section of your marketing. For this reason, it should be reviewed periodically in its impact.

Now enough talk, start creating your tribes, enjoy them and watch them expand.

Go out there and construct an authentic, engaging tribe and see your results!



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