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Why you need a brand seductologist in your corner

brand seductologist clients courses seductology Sep 15, 2021

In my post on becoming a TEDx speaker, I touched on the subject of brand seductology, and specifically why some people call me the Brand Seductologist.  You’ve guessed it, this post here on House of Seductology is one that is going to be full of sass! 

When creative entrepreneurs are building their businesses, it’s easy to fall into the bro-led marketing of building a successful creative or coaching business. Things such as creating a lead magnet, focusing on their SEO and doing all the things.  

It can be overwhelming and so much so that you can check out and get distracted doing things such as how to grow orchids for your high-end office space.  

What is it to be a Brand Seductologist?  

Being a brand seductologist has many different facets to it, but essentially it means helping brands to seduce their customers through desire-led marketing to be drawn to them.  

What makes this specific to the House of Seductology, is our trademarked AIDE model of brand seduction.  

The AIDE Model is the basis of brand seductology and the model that my highly successful course Brand Seduction is based on.  

What do I cover as a Brand Seductologist in Brand Seduction?  

The answer is many many things including some of the below: 

Ideal brand Client 

I teach you how to not only identify your ideal client but to go much deeper into their minds than that to understand what they are thinking about even before they know.  

Gaining the attention of your Ideal brand client 

Today the world is very noisy and you need to craft messages that stand out and speak directly to your ideal brand client. If they are then reading your messaging on social media, email newsletter and other digital marketing mediums, it still feels like you are having a 121 conversation with just them.  

Grow your potential ideal client base 

Whether you have a service that you are selling or an online course or membership, to be sustainable in the long term you need to be growing your potential ideal client base at all times.  Think of it as a pool of ideal future clients that you are constantly adding to, who love what you do and when the timing is right they will buy from you.  

Intrigue Marketing 

This is the main difference between traditional bro-led marketing and that which is at the middle of brand seductology, intrigue.  

Increase your sales using seduction 

Let’s be clear we are talking about increasing your sales in integrity with ease and grace, no pushy sales tactics here.  Rather I’ll show you how to sell in a sassy and fun way, through Persuasion 

Secret Sweet Spot of Success 

As the brand seductologist I’ll show you the secret sweet spot that will turn your marketing machine into a self perpetual motion machine of marketing and client satisfaction.  

Go out there and construct an authentic, engaging tribe and see your results! 

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