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6 Strategies to Help Entrepreneurs find Dream Clients

clients marketing persuasion Mar 29, 2021

No matter what business you are in, from coaching, consultancy, wedding photographer to brand designer; we need new clients to keep our businesses moving forward.

Yet there is a huge difference between finding any new clients and finding your dream clients

So what is the negative for finding non-dream clients?

Several different factors mean finding non-dream clients can be the worst decision for your business:

  • They don’t truly value the service that you offer.
  • They require more energy to meet expectation, let alone exceed expectations.
  • They drain your energy.
  • You often spend more time on dream clients work as you would want to accomplish dream clients work.
  • Testimonials post-work can be short/lacking, if at all.
  • They then recommend on to other non-dream clients.

As lead Seductress here at House of Seductology, I know that when I first started in business over 10 years ago, I would take any client due to fear of not making enough money to keep going.

So I get it.

It takes courage to say no to someone willing to pay you.

If you are on board and focusing now on the benefits of dream clients, how do we go about getting them?

Step One- Demographics of your dream clients

This is the place that many people start when looking for their dream clients. As a former marketer with 19 years of experience, this is the typical place to start looking at demographics such as age, geographic location, sectors that somebody may be in, revenue and income.

Demographics provide a very good starting point for any dream client work as long as you realise that is just that; just a starting point.

Step Two - Dream client desires

This is the difference between traditional bro-lead marketing and desire-lead marketing. This is something that we focus on in Brand Seduction. Ultimately, when you know your client's desires, which is so much more than just their demographics, we can then learn how we can attract clients to us.

This desire-led marketing will provide the framework as to how you will create your social media content, email marketing, speaking engagements, and it forms the foundation for all your marketing efforts.

Step Three - Identify your client's problems

What specific problems do your clients have concerning why they want to come and work with you?

This may not be exactly how you market to them or the language that you use in your marketing, but it is the colloquial language of the problem that your clients have. A note here is to create powerful conversations that convert and attract ideal clients, be sure to use their language as to how they describe the problem and not polish it up.

So ask yourself, what problems do my clients have that I can help them with?

Step Four - What solution do you offer?

When we are talking about solutions for what you do as a business, we are not talking about the packages that you may currently have on a list of menu services.

I'm talking here about the specific solutions that you offer to the problems that your client has. The question to ask yourself is how can/do I help them?

What you offer as a service-based business, how can you help provide a solution to your client's problems and detail that out? This part of defining your dream clients might not happen immediately, it might not happen in one day, you might do this work and keep going back to it, but keep focusing on how you can have a solution to help your clients.

Step Five - What is the journey they will go on

In step three and four, we've identified the problem and the solution.

Now that we've done that, to go from a problem to a solution, your dream clients have gone on a journey by a transformation of sorts.

So where will they end up after they have worked with you?

What specific journey are they going to go on? How will they feel once they have finished working with you? What will they have once they have finished working with you? What is the transformational journey?

The future that they can expect once they have worked with you.

Step Six - Go where the fish are

I love this saying because it really does identify how you should be marketing.

I often get asked "should I be on Instagram?"; "should I be on LinkedIn?"; "should I be on any one of the other major social media platforms?".

However, the question is backwards.

If you know where your ideal clients are (where the fish are in essence), then you will have already given yourself the answer.

If your dream client is not on a platform, then do not seek them there.

Do not seek to establish relationships with them there because they are not there.

So, where are your dream clients? And remember, it doesn't have to just be online for certain industries.

Where are your ideal clients located business-wise, socially and in person?

I hope this enables you to start the process of connecting with your dream clients.



Head Seductress

House of Seductology 

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